Clocking 30 is a huge milestone. It symbolises a movement into ‘proper’ adulthood (seeing as people are sometimes considered kids while in their 20s). Many people consider 30 as the age when you should have gotten settled and figured yourself out (this isn’t always true) and the yime before the is partially seen as th time in your life when you get your youthful urges out of the way. Truth be told, there is no age limit for enjoying life, but here are a few things that shoukd be done before you turn 30:

1. Travel solo: solo travelling is truly am experience for growth, adventure and is downright exciting.
2. Takes girls trip to somewhere new : few things strengthen the bond of friendship like a group trip. Whether a tropical paradise or road trip, a travel adventure with your girls is definitely in order.
3. Live alone: there are enormous benefits to living alone. Some people choose to skip this and go straight to cohabitation. It might not be for everyone, but living alone will not only make you more comfortable in your own space, but create a sense of independence. 
4. Experiment with your fashion: your before 20 years are the best years to discover and experiential with fashion and get away with a few mistakes.
5. Develop a fitness routine: habits are easier learned when you’re younger and this goes for fitness as well. Your body is at its physical peak and it’s easier to develop a fit lifestyle before more life responsibilities creep in.
6. Fall in love : deeply, without a care and passionately.
7. Work at a career you love: this might mean changing jobs, studying something new, trying your hand out at a business or building the foundation for a career in an unusual field.
8. Get spiritual: meditate, study other religions, engage in religious activities and take the time to find your spiritual calling.
9. Learn to give back to the world: One of our greatest callings as human beings is to sow goodness unto the world around us. While it should be done throughout life, your 20s are a great time to find out what type of good you want to do. It could be work with the underprivileged, animal care, women’s rights or environmental advocacy. 
10. Have fun: we’re all going to die someday and there’s no excuse to not enjoy life to the fullest. Listen to music. Dance your nights away. Enjoy your hobbies. Travel when you can and show love to yourself and those around you . 

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