As everyone knows at this point, fitness isn’t just about working out anymore.  Just take a look at any fitness account and you’ll see that fitness us a whole culture and lifestyle in itself. It’s meal prep, clothing, cleanses and smoothies. Apart from personal trainers and professional coaches, everyday people are making fitness a lifestyle and reaping the benefits. Here are and few ways you can make fitness a part of your life:

1. Meal prep: in the hustle and bustle of life,  it’s easy to fall into the habit of fast food for lunch every day and eating whatever you find. Meal prep helps eliminate this problem. Meal prep is the act if making and storing meals days in advance so as to ensure that there is something balanced and healthy to eat. You can pick a day or two in the week to prepare your healthy meals and snacks. This way you don’t fall off the healthy eating wagon.

2. Green smoothies; The green smoothie is the fitness world’s answer to the sugary, calorie-dense drinks you see Al around you. Green smoothies are an amazing way to start the day and are absolutely delicious. A lot of juice bars and restaurants offer green smoothies for sale. Alternatively, you can make your own at home.

3. Walks: besides your weekly workout, you should invest in daily walks to keep on track with your fitness goals. Walks not only Hurn calories but are a good time for self-reflection and solitude.

4. Build a fitness family: one if the best ways to remain on track is to have a group of people you’re getting fit with. This creates a sense of accountability and support. It could be a gym family, people you’re training for a marathon with or yoga buddies. Either way, a sense of family goes a long way.

5. Athleisure: athleisure clothing is making a huge splash in the fashion world and for good reason. No longer do you need to be in the gym to wear a sports crop top or workout leggings. They are amazing to wear and constantly remind you of your fitness goals and put you in a state of being conscious about your body.


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