Power sleeves have been used extensively in pop culture, usually for classic villains like Cruella Da Ville to the evil stepmother in Snow White. There’s a reason for this: power sleeves do just what their name implies; they exude power. They are extremely bold and unapologetic.

The sleeves are large and usually Embellished and impossible to ignore. This often says that their wearer is bold and doesn’t mind causing a scene.

There are several ways to wear power sleeves, some of which are below:

1. Fur: Again, think Cruella De Ville. Fur is a warm look and yet such a legendary one. Fur is a universal symbol of glamour and pairing it power sleeves is a winner.

2. Bejeweled: The concept behind this dates back to royalty. Bejeweled power sleeves are a fool-proof recipe for drama.

3. Patterned: These are more subtle and yet very artsy. Patterns are often put on otherwise plain sleeves and can coordinate well with most outfits.


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