Top buns are one of the most comfortable and convenient hairstyles women can opt for. Some women love the look and some just like having all their hair out of their face. While they have the reputation of being simple styles, they can be just as beautiful. Here are a few ways to creatively style your top bun:

1. Lay your edges: Gone are the days of boring buns with nothing going on.  In the last two years, layed edges have come really far and are having their moment. You can lay your edges in many styles to make sure your top bun lives up to its potential.


2. Braids: side braids,  front braids or intertwined braids. There are many ways to incorporate braids into your top bun. This is also very great for formal events.



3. Let some hair out: Many people choose to style their top buns by having all their hair pack up. For a more casual look, let some hair out from the sides. You can let the hair fall freely or curl it to your taste.


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