Workout clothes are mostly chosen for their functionality and comfort. If you take a good look around a gym, it’s pretty much a sea of sweatshirts, faded sweatpants, and monotonous outfits. Needless to say, a lot of people don’t see workout time as a period to look stylish. Rather they see it as a time to throw on something and just get the job done.

But with the rise of athleisure (athletic clothing being work in everyday life), those days are coming to an end with more people wanting to look good even when working out. Brands like Ivy Park and Puma etc are cashing in and putting out clothing lines that defy the stereotype. No longer marketed for just functionality, style is going a long way into what the customer decides to buy. Your workout attire doesn’t have to be boring. Take a cue from some of our tips below:

1. Rip it up: ripped everything is now in style and that goes for workout gear as well. The most sought-after piece is ripped workout leggings. Beyond that, ripped workouts tops are amazing and help show off that toned body.



2. Neon: gone are the days of all black everything to go to the gym. Bright neon colors are in. These colors bring a pop to daytime workouts and some even glow in the dark for a bit of extra during night workouts.


3. Skin-tight: following our 21-century need to make everything sexy (not that that’s a bad thing), workout outfits have become tighter than ever and show off every curve. It’s a great look for athleisure but might not be the most comfortable thing to work out in.



4. See-through: also riding the sexy train is see through clothes. From leggings that are transparent to the upper thighs to tops that show off your workout bra, this look is daring and bold.


5. Motivation: need a bit of motivation to do your best at the gym? Take a shirt!  Some of our favorite workout quotes and even hashtags have been put on workout tops to give ourselves and others a bit of inspiration.


6. Coordinate everything: color and style-coordinate your tops and bottoms. While you’re at it, coordinate your water bottle, your phone case, and key chains.  Because fitness is no longer just an activity but a lifestyle.


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