Fitness is truly an art: from healthy eating to intense workouts, fitness culture is a worldwide phenomenon, with some being more dedicated than others.

Many of us find fitness to be a bit of a chore, a necessity we partake in to prolong our lifespans, but not out of any genuine love. Some of us love fitness and are fully immersed in fitness culture and live for it. Here are signs that you’re a fitness junkie.


  • You LOVE working out and look forward to any opportunity to move your body:


  • You hardly ever miss a workout:


  • Or cheat on your diet:


  • You’re always looking to switch up your workout regimen:


  • You can’t relate when people complain about exercise. You enjoy it!


  • You could spend forever looking at workout clothes:

  • And watching fitness inspo videos:

  • Your body is your proudest work of art:

  • Exercise is an art for you:


  • And the gym is a sanctuary:

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