Everyone needs to eat. Some eat for survival, some eat for health. However, some of us eat for the sheer enjoyment and the love of food. This goes beyond just eating. Some people are bonafide food connoisseurs who live to eat new foods and sample all the wonders that the food world has to offer.  Don’t know if that’s you? Check out our 5 signs you’re a foodie.


  1. You know every restaurant in town by name, address, phone number, and menu: The Chinese place? The bakery? The pizza joint? You know the way there blindfolded and can tell what their special of the day was three weeks ago.



2. The staff knows you by name, face, and voice. Your delivery phone conversation usually goes like this:

You: Hello, Tasty eats?

Staff: Is this Sarah?

You: Yep.

Staff: The No.5?

You: Yep.

Staff: Same address?

You: Yep.



3. This is your reaction when a new food place opens in town:


4. This is your reaction when someone says they ‘forgot to eat’:


5. You look at food the way some people look at their soulmates (because food is your soulmate):



6. Your first thought when someone invites you somewhere:



7.  The quickest way to cheer you up is food:


8. Nothing will stop you from getting your food.


9. When someone talks about ‘dieting’:


10. When you take comfort in the fact that food will never hurt you:

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