Everyone likes love. Some people,  however, LOVE love and are obsessed with all things that pull at their heartstrings and make them feel mushy on the inside. We all know that one person  who just can’t quit love. Are you a hopeless romantic?  Here are 10 signs you’re a hopeless romantic.

1. You cooed looked a baby at the #BAAD2017  pictures:


2. And cried like a baby after watching the Fault In Our Stars:


3. And after any tragic romantic film m to he honest:


4. You live for Love stories on the big screen:


5. You romance novel collection is bursting at the seams.

6. You get starry-eyed seeing elderly couples.


7. You spend a good amount of your time planning your future wedding.


8. You can’t help but fall in love easily:


9. Romantic gestures are your flaw. Flowers, chocolates and sweet talk are the easiest ways to your heart:


10. Valentine’s day is your time to shine:

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