Shopping is truly one of life’s great pleasures. Many women crave the feeling of bringing home a new pair of shoes or a bomb new jacket or bag. It’s possible though to crave this feeling too much. In the event of that, such a woman is referred to as a ‘shopaholic’. It’s no joke. Being a Shopaholic is a legitimate psychological disorder (though VERY rare). Might you be one? Well, you’re likely a shopaholic if


  • Your closet is overflowing: There’s no more space for anything. Shoes, bags, dress, name it. Every section of your closet is full and you’re having to resort to storing clothing items in other places.


  • Your bag is filled with receipts: Clothing stores, makeup stores, shoe stores, and even grocery stores. You keep saying you’ll clean it out but the pile-up keeps getting worse.



  • You’re afraid to look at your bank alerts: You know you have *some* money in your account, but honestly, looking at your bank alerts will only serve to remind you of your poor impulse control.


  • You visit the mall more than you visit your mother: Not literally, of course. But if you go shopping more often than actually use the items you buy, chances are, you’re a shopaholic.


  • The salespeople know you by name: You’re their ‘aunty’ and whenever you don’t come around, your absence is felt. 


  • You feel the need to own everything you see: That ballgown you saw on the runway? You want it. Those shoes you saw in a store window? You want it. That bracelet your co-worker has? You want it! There is nothing you see that you don’t have an impulse to buy. It’s insatiable.

  • You know every store in town by name: And street, and price and interior. You might as well live in them.


  • You follow designers religiously: Their next collection, their history, their favorite models, what the designer ate for breakfast yesterday. Every move is followed.


  • Your heart skips a beat when you hear the word ‘Sale’


  • When you saw the title of this article, you instantly thought of yourself

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