Mo Abudu is the founder of EbonyLife TV, and according to Forbes Media, she is the First African woman to own a Pan-African TV Channel. She was named by the Hollywood Reporter as “one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Global TV.” Her movie “Wedding Party” broke box office records and surpassed its 60 million budget to gross over N400 million. The second installment, “Wedding Party 2” made N312 million in 18 days.

Mo Abudu also recently signed a record breaking 3 year deal with Sony Pictures that will include the co-production of Dahomey Warriors, a series about a group of African Amazons. She was also recently honoured with the Medaille D’honneur in Cannes at the MITV2019.

Here are some huge lessons to learn from various interviews she’s had.

1. Just do it!

“Anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur must know that bright ideas are great, however, that is not even half of the work; execution is everything,”  – Forbes

2. Your passion will determine how successful you are

“PASSION. VISION. FOCUS. HARD WORK. What’s the point if you don’t if you find passion in what you do. As the saying goes, “Love what you do, do what you love. For me, passion is the key driver. “- Genevieve Magazine

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3. Don’t let challenges keep you down

“Most people see challenge, but I see opportunity. Every time someone tries to kill the dream. I see this as an opportunity for growth and finding a better way of working.” – This Day Live

4. The word  ‘No’ should not stop you

“No does not exist in my vocabulary. I am passion driven. I love a good challenge. I like to dream big and look fear in the face till it goes away.” – Genevieve Magazine

5. Consistency is key

“No matter what I do, consistency and persistency drive me. Anyone who wants to achieve any level of success better be ready and armed with these two key traits. I have learnt over the years not to become distracted or driven by the wrong things.” –  This Day Live

6. Be ready to make sacrifices

“Sometimes we are not ready for the sacrifice. You want to continue living the life that you led when you were being paid in 9 to 5 – there was a big company car and there was this and there was the other. You may have to just take a step back to see what those things are and you’re gonna just say, “well, I can’t do that for now.” –

7. Learn how to deal with mistakes

“Failures teaches you lessons that move you to the next round. For example, Ebonylife has not failed but I have made plenty of mistakes which I have had to learn from.” – Genevieve Magazine

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8. Have a relationship with God

“Putting  God first, I do believe that you will get the results that you need. Of course you’re going to be challenged, you’re going to go through many, many new things and people are going to say no to you.” –


9. Note down ideas as they come

“But, that is the truth, because for me, what I find out that happens to me….. I’ll say this to everyone – never go to sleep without a notepad by your bed and a pen. Because for me, any idea I’ve had has come in the middle of the night. Yes!

Those ideas come and I find that if I haven’t noted them down, by the time you wake up, you may have forgotten it. So, I find that the clarity is always at some point in the middle of the night and I instantly just wake up, and then I just write and write and write.” –

10. Distractions should never be let in

“You have to be undaunted, gutsy, focused and undistracted from your goals. These have worked for me pretty much. You must stay winning always.” – Genevieve Magazine

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