I want to be prophetic and say it will happen for you this year! And all those pushy things aunties say and you know what, why not. It can in fact be your year if you take active steps towards finding love. This is what one of my aunties said to me on January 1st and another one may or may not have laid hands on me while speaking in tongues . Lol I’m sorry. I’ll get serious.

So one thing I realized a few years back among my friends is that on Nights out, I’m always the designated driver. I never really drink, so this is always my cross. However what I realized more recently is that I’m the motivator. If we’re friends, you can’t casually tell me you like someone or if I catch you staring at anyone longer than necessary. I swing into action to make it happen. I’ve been known to pass my friend’s number to a guy she fancied at a restaurant. He did call her exactly 15 times before she got home.

Finally, she got the balls to pick up and things were actually great between them while it lasted. He was a very sweet guy. Also, I harassed another friend recently until she finally got the courage to DM this particular guy she likes. In her case it had to happen. We were always bumping into this guy everywhere and I in fact had it.

I guess in a way I am like my aunties. No? So ladies, I agree it is definitely shoot your shot O’ clock but please don’t go proposing to men in public places. Don’t do it. Don’t upset your ancestors. Imagine the horror of those ladies who got turned down recently, *shudders* and if you must, let me say just say the Mall is a very tacky place to do it. Okay!

Just dig in!

Love and light.

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