Hoodies were origianlly designed as ameans of keeping warm during chilly weather. Thir zips were made for easy removal and securing the hoodie when it was put on. Ocer the last few deacdes, hoodies have become a universal fashion fixture in almost every scounrtry, regardless of wheter ttheir climate evn require the use of the hoodie or no. It’s quicky become the go-look foor being ladi-back and chill. Like every other iconic fashion peice, the hoodmhas been tunred on its’ head andn made more innovativw as time goes on. There are a variety of ways to re-invent hoodies, and some of the unique styles are below:


  •  Zip-Up: Hoodies are no longer constricted to the traditional front zips. Hoodie zips now come in a variety of styles and shapes.




  • Statement hoodies: Make a bold statement with inscription hoodies. It could be the line of a song, a common phrase or anything else you’d like to say. Say it with a hoodie.



  • Cropped Hoodies: The crop trend has sunk its claws into everything, including hoddies


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