Salads. The mention of their name invokes images of healthy eating, cleanses and all things body goals. They are seen as the crown jewel of the clean eating dynasty. They also get a bad reputation for being boring, bland and tasteless. This is so very fat from the truth. Salads are one of the most diverse and amazing foods known to man. Ther strength lies in the fact that there is no standard ‘salad recipe’. Anything combination of fruits, vegetables or protein can be called a salad. Far from the monotony of cabbage and carrots, salads can be made with anything and everything.


Fruit salads are a special breed of salad. They are the ultimate breakfast meal if you’re going clean and are sp ascetically pleasing. There are so many ways to prepare and eat fruit salads, some of which we are detailing below:


  • Everything in: Can’t decide on a fruit? Throw a bit of everything in for an amazing burst of flavor to wake up your taste buds.



  • Get Nutty: Salads can have a lot of things added to them, including nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds serve as a great source of fiber and are a delicious addition to any fruit salad.


  • Cone it up: Need a twist on salad presentation? Put the fruit in an ice-cream cone. It helps regulate portion sizes and is downright cool.
  • Stick it to the man: Again with unusual presentation. For a fun and easy take on fruit salads, stick the fruit unto a serving stick and eat a kebab.


  • Put Ice-Cream on it: Because Ice-Cream is bae and can be eaten in all situations and with everything, we recommend eating with fruit. A perfect balance of clean and sweet.

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