Some questions about singlehood can come from anyone, at any time and they tend to have one thing in common: they’re frustrating. Well, there may be thoughtful friends asking if you’re really happy and genuinely interested in being there to help if you are not.

Then there are the curious coworkers wondering if they could set you up with a friend-of-an-uncle-of-a-friend, and the annoying cousin inquiring about when you’ll find “a boo.”

As innocent as these questions (and the people who ask them) may sound, many people fail to recognize that a woman’s relationship status is no one else’s business — and it certainly does not define her. Beyond that, these questions don’t take into account that many women are single by choice and are perfectly happy with their lives as they are.

So before you go asking them these questions, please ask yourself if it is utterly necessary to and if it’s not, then refrain.

Here are some questions that single women get asked which might be offensive.

1. Do you think he will ask you out soon?

These kind of questions are quite annoying and except the person you are asking is a very close friend, you should not do that. Because really, if you aren’t so close, there is no need knowing personal stuff about them and yes, this is very personal!

2. Hope it is not you forming hard to get?

I bet you have also gotten the question or advice “Don’t go forming hard to get. Men don’t like it.” Yes, everyone says this including our mothers or older relatives. But the question is, how is taking ones time to find a good partner, forming hard to get?
3. When is it going to be a boy you are calling or texting?
Because, of course, attention from the opposite sex is the biggest sign of progress (For many people). Feel free to correct your interrogators and tell them that, when you decide to text a potential partner, it will be when YOU DECIDE TO. And not before.
4. When are you bringing someone home like your sister did?
You can answer this question with another question: When are you going to realize that my sister and I are different people?  We have different goals in life, our journeys are different. And I will bring a man home when I am ready.
5. Would you mind me hooking you up with someone? 
Almost everyone wants to ask a single person if they want to be hooked up. How do you know the person is single because they don’t have potential partners?  Sometimes, being single is a choice, a way of life that person and chosen. More times, it can even be as a result of needing a mental break.
Basically, we are saying a single person should not be turned into a specimen for analysis. Leave them be. For when the time is right, they find the right partner to spend life with.
By Ayo Al

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