When I got the invite to attend ‘Sunday Treats and Convos’, I was not sure what to expect. However, I decided to attend with an open mind, and I am glad that I did as nothing could have prepared me for the experience, which was tagged, Intentional Living with Betty.

-By Oma Ehiri

Hosted by Mrs. Toke Benson, it was a Sunday of networking with some powerful women and industry leaders. It was inspiring listening to their individual challenges and struggles as they strived to reach the peak of their careers. It was even more gratifying to hear their stories on intentional living- each with a unique perspective.


There was a lesson to pick from every woman irrespective of her age or the industry in which she was. One thing that was clear is that these women were intentional about the things they were passionate about. It was a safe space for everyone to share and be vulnerable without the fear of being judged.

Here are a few things that resonated with me:

1.Everyone’s journey is different:

There is this tendency most of us have, to constantly compare ourselves to others. In the process, we become consumed with the desire to live the life of another without understanding the details of their journey. There is also the tendency to fall under pressure that could negatively impact our mental health. If this gathering highlighted anything, it is that every woman’s journey is different. More importantly, we can define what success is to us.

2. Do not dwell on your mistake:

Dwelling on your mistakes is how you stay stuck. To get ahead, you must let go. Take the lessons from the mistakes and do better in your present as you frame the future.

3. The place of God:

I know that it sounds cliché when people start a speech on success and say, ‘it is God’. What I have come to realise is, they are right. Yes, they did put in the work but, they also had to trust God. There are also circumstances that you may find yourself in and what comes through for you is your investment in prayer. This is not just about your career but life in general; including family and other personal relationships.

4. Prioritising your mental health:

Mental health is of utmost importance! No matter how busy we are, we need to find time to take care of our minds and our bodies. Of course, this can be done in different ways but, the intentionality has to be there. For some, it is letting go of a toxic relationship, while some carve out time to pause; whether they are taking trips or spending time with their families.

5. Surround yourself with quality people:

Like Mrs. Irabor said, why are you friends with someone you do not trust with your problems? Fearing that when you need help, they might be more concerned with sharing your problems with others, than with helping you. You need to surround yourself with people who can be of great support to you. In the same vein, set yourself up to be someone on whom others can rely.

This experience was filled with many teachable moments. In the end, one word that resounded through it all was kindness; a reminder by Mrs. Irabor for us to be kind to one another. In her words, “Let us be kind to one another. Let us be intentional about kindness”.

We had so much fun that almost everyone agrees that this should be a regular event.

Here are a few moments from Intentional Living With Betty in pictures:


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