African society prides itself on its food, and being able to cook is seen as one of the most important skills a woman can have. Some even argue that a woman isn’t really a woman if she can’t cook. A lot of women take pride in being able to whip up great-tasting meals that enchant whoever eats them……then there are others who would burn water if asked to boil it. It’s looked at as a great moral failure for a woman to not know how to cook in African society, but let’s face it, no one can be good at everything. Some are actually quite horrible at some things. Not sure if you fall into this category? Check out our 5 signs below:


  1. This is everyone’s (including your own) reaction when they taste your cooking:

  • Even the simplest dishes go wrong in your hands:


  • Disaster seems to ensue when you even breathe near the kitchen for too long:


  • You have mastered the art of surviving on all things instant and even that doesn’t always turn out well:

  • Take out and fast food are best friends:


  • People are constantly inviting you to come into the kitchen and ruin your life:


  • All your previous attempts went like this :


  • This is how you see people who can cook:


  • This is how you see cooking tutorial videos:

  • This is your response the ‘you’ll never find a husband’ talk:

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