We Africans love to dance, that’s for sure. Just think of all the dances that we’ve invented and made popular over the years, from Azonto to Shoki to Sekem. If anyone knows how to overcome their feet, it’s Africans.  Sadly, not everyone with African blood automatically inherits the ability to bust a move…some people are quite the opposite, actually. Not sure if that’s you? Check out our 5 signs you can’t dance.
1. Every time you attempt to dance, you look ridiculous.

2. The simplest dance steps are impossible for you.


3. The complicated ones look like rocket science.

4. At parties and clubs, you avoid the dance floor like a plague.


5. The only place you feel comfortable dancing is in the privacy of your home.


6. Even then you sometimes catch a glimpse of yourself jiving and wonder what went wrong.


7. Epic dance movies only serve to remind you of your dancicap.

8. You dread the father-daughter dance at your future wedding.


9. The few times you have danced in public,  it ended. ..not so well.


10. You saw the title of this list and knew it was about you.

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