Halloween is finally upon us, and all things spooky are in full swing. From Halloween costumes breaking the internet to endless parties and sweets galore, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

As much as everyone loves Halloween, horror lovers adore it even more. It’s the time where horror comes out to shine, with many channels showing horror movies in heavy rotation and all the classics being re-visited. Horror is a polarising genre, with people either hating it entirely or being obsessed with it. Not sure if you’re the latter? Here are 10 signs you’re are horror junkie:

1. You live for Halloween: Ghosts, ghouls and candy? You’re all signed up. You look forward to the day all year round and binge-watch scary movies in anticipation.


2. You’ve seen every horror movie released in the last year. From trilogies to remakes of classics to low-budget efforts.

3. Few movies actually scare you: you’ve seen the scariest ever made and when someone boasts of a movie being too scary, you’re skeptical.

4. You are obsessed with haunted houses: every time one springs up, you have to visit it and you’re always trying to find something scarier than the last.

5. People are concerned about your love of all things scary: Being in Nigeria, people are suspicious about your horror obsession and advise you to quit. You won’t though, horror is bae.

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