Break-ups are probably an inevitable part of navigating the dating world. They can be very amicable and friendly, or they can be bitter, full of rage and messy. Regardless of how the breakup goes, it important to walk out fabulous, and what better way to do that than through music! No topic is as explored in music as love, and as such there are too many breakup songs to count. Just as there are many ways a breakup can go, there are many breakup songs that reflect so many moods. Take a look:


  • Someone Like you by Adele: For when the breakup was bitter, but you’re moving on and wishing them the best, Adele’s soulful rendition makes you ponder on your past mistakes while being hopeful about the future.
  • Sorry by Beyonce: When a man has done you dirty and you’re saying goodbye in a catty, fabulous way…and are unashamed of it. Sorry is the anthem for kicking out undeserving men out of your life and putting up your deuces while doing so.
  • It’s not right, but it’s okay by Whitney Houston: This is the intergalactic call to arms for dumping cheating men. It isn’t bitter or petty, instead it says, I’m letting go of you, and I’ll be fine nonetheless.

  • Fight song by Rachel Platten: Breakups can take a hit on a woman’s self-esteem an leave her down in the dumps. This song is for when you’re taking back your life and asserting your own inner strength. 
  • Shout out to my ex by Little Mix: For when you are so over your ex and basking in your own fabulosity. It is the ultimate, well-manicured middle finger to that jerk who broke your heart.

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