The healing power of music cannot be overemphasized. It soothes, calms and is even a form of therapy. They can also be a great way to get some shut-eye, particularly if you struggle with insomnia or otherwise find it hard to fall asleep. There a re hundreds in existence, but here are some of the top songs to get you to sleep:


  1. Marconi Union- Weightless: This song is not only hauntingly peaceful but has been scientifically shown to reduce anxiety. If you feel restless from a long day and want to fall asleep, this one is for you.


2. Enya- Watermark: The ultimate queen of calm, anything by Enya immediately touches the soul and calms the body, but this is by far one of her most soothing tracks.

3. Coldplay- Strawberry Swing: An entry from one of our favorite pop-rock bands, this song is entertaining as it is peaceful and is sure to inspire sweet dreams.


4. Adele- Someone like you: The modern queen of soul blessed the world with this legendary track in 2012 and it has become the anthem for lost love everywhere. If you’re nursing regrets from love past, this one is for you.


5. Enya- Only time: Another entry from the queen of calm, this song is a reflection on life and time itself. You’ll fin yourself either drifting to sleep or meditating into the night.

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