What’s more attractive than a confident, in-charge woman? To be honest, almost nothing is. We’ve all seen the classic scene of the bass lady walking…no, strutting into a room and taking control. Its fierce, dominant and oh so empowering. Saly, not all of us are a natural Sasha Fierce in real life, but with a few tips and tricks, you too can walk into a room and own it.


  1. Keep your head up. This seems simple enough. Looking down is hardly the sign of a confidence or control. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Keeping your head up when you enter a room has been shown to increase the positive perception of an individual up to 70%. So keep that head held high and your crown in place.

2. All in the eyes: Avoiding eye contact is a no-no if you want to own the room. It says timidity. It says ‘I am scared to be seen’. When you enter a room, look everyone in the eye. If you feel nervous, don’t break eye contact. That shows that you are able to hold your own even in the face of discomfort.

3. Speak clearly: Whispering as though you’re afraid to have your voice heard won’t do your cause any good. Speak up when you want to say something and don’t allow anyone shout you down.

4. Dress for power: Have you ever put on a really fabulous outfit or had a very good makeup day and walked around feeling unstoppable? I think we all have. Dressing fabulously is one of the easiest ways to put confidence into a person. Dress the part of a boss and own the room as you step.


5. Be confident: All the tactics in the world will never substitute for actually believing in yourself and being confident. Don’t just act like the flyest lady in the room, believe it!


So pick yourself up, lift your head and walk into the room with an attitude that screams “I am incredible.”

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