The art of caring for and growing healthy Afro hair is precisely that, an art, and like any form of art it requires time and dedication. Being quarantined at home is the perfect time to start your journey toward healthier hair. Because of its tight curl and tendency to dryness Afro hair requires just that little bit more attention, but proper care over time will result in stronger, longer hair, and being stuck indoors gives you the time you need. 

Before starting your hair journey the first thing to do is take pictures from a few different angles. This is a great visual way to chart your progress and keep tabs on which products are giving you the luscious fro you deserve. 



Did you know that all Afro hair is not the same? Depending on the look, feel and texture there are a few groupings your hair type could fall into.

Identifying your curl pattern can be mystifying, but it allows you to understand your hair’s unique attributes, leading you to better product choices, the best ways to manage your hair and your styling do’s and don’ts.

Afro hair generally falls into the type 4 or coily hair texture group, which is naturally very dry and spongy in texture, with super-tight curls prone to major shrinkage. The width of your coil pattern determining with sub-category (A-C) you fall into, though some people have more than one hair type or curl pattern.

The importance of knowing your hair type cannot be stressed enough, it is the key to building your healthy hair care regimen and selecting the right products to give you the results you desire.



The first step on the road to hair nirvana is first identifying your hair challenges. Do you have a problem with dryness, lack of volume or is your hair prone to breakage? Or maybe you have thinning edges? Keeping a list of all your hair issues with some brief notes on each is recommended, and it comes in handy when researching the best ways/products to tackle them.



Your chosen haircare products will be determined not only by your hair challenges but also by your curl type. Cantu has developed a wide range of tried and tested award-winning hair care products that will help you cover all the bases. Hair health, repair, strengthening and promoting growth are just some of the benefits you can achieve by incorporating Cantu into your hair regimen. 



So, you’ve discovered your hair type, identified your issues and listed your hair goals. It’s now time to put all that knowledge into practice by creating a personal haircare routine. The basics of any hair routine fall into the following categories: cleanse, moisturize, strengthen and protect. Depending on your requirements you may want to add in some extra steps such as incorporating the use of oil in your routine. Cantu’s Dry Deny Moisture Seal Gel Oil revitalizes dry, brittle hair and locks in vital moisture. When planning your regimen, it’s always best to tackle your hair problems one at a time rather than all at once. You may find addressing one issue help alleviates the others. 

Having a set washday routine as well as a deep conditioning routine tailored to your hair type is key, and Cantu’s award-winning line includes products to add hydration to dry hair, reduce frizz, replace vital oils and promote a healthy scalp; all you need for the road to healthier hair.



As with all things, consistency, persistence and patience are the key to healthier, stronger hair. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so expecting a full afro after a month is not likely. Chart your progress by taking follow up pictures at set intervals at the same angles as the first batch. If you see improvement, then you are on the right track. If not, then try and figure out why and readjust your product selection. You have to be consistent in your approach, the more you stick to it, the quicker you get to see some results.



We’ve listed a few of the most common Afro hair issues, and some products that could help jumpstart your journey. 

Problems with dryness? Cantu’s Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo and Sulfate-Free Hydrating Cream Conditioner are designed to infuse your hair with moisture. The unique shea butter formula keeps your hair nourished and smooth reduces breakage and minimizes frizz. 

Bothered by breakage? Cantu’s Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment strengthens fragile, weak hair to stop breakage and encourage growth.

Damaged hair? Cantu’s Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Masque penetrates deep into the hair shaft to repair and restore damaged hair.


Growing Afro hair is a process that requires time and care, be prepared to be in it for the long haul. If you’re indoors for the duration make the most of your time and show your hair some much needed love. Your hair will thank you for it.

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