Lagos is a city for work and the daily hustle, but what’s work without fun? Get yourself out of that serious state once in a while and have a time of your life even with a low budget.

You really don’t have to abandon your work, however. All you need to do is take a little break and ease your headache with a little adventure. You can do these things after work or during the weekend, whichever suits you.

1. Arcade games

Playing games is just another way to exercise our brains and thinking capacity. Not only this; we always have fun playing certain games, but what’s better than arcade games?
Head to a spot where you can play arcade games. For instance, the lowest price for chips at Rufus and Bees is N5,000, and you can still play enough games with your budget.

2. Go-Karting

Who doesn’t love a smooth ride? Try go-karting. There are some places where you can ride for as low as N4,000. Check the go-karting spots around you or check their website for fees before you venture on this journey.

3. See a movie

Going to the cinema never gets out of taste. More movies keep hitting the box office, so who’s going to watch them? You, of course. At cinemas, the highest amount you can use to see a movie is N3,500, and other prices could range from N600 to N1,500 or N1,000 to N2,000. Depending on what cinema you’re going to, your budget is safe. Go check them out!

4. Salsa Dancing

In Lagos, salsa dancing has become the fashion for dancers and dance lovers. There’s nothing like a night of afro-Latino moments with lovely music, and the most perfect ambience.

It’s always very exciting, and it’ll be great for you to try it out. Some of them are free, others will require you to pay a sum of N2,000 to learn per night (that’s if you want to be a professional dancer). Apart from having fun, salsa dancing is a great way to burn those calories (believe it).

Looking for some Salsa spots, why not check out salsa nights at Ayo Van Elmer Cafe (Oriental Hotel, V.I), Ibis Hotel (Ikeja), Alba Lounge (V.I), The Place (Surulere), Radisson Blu (Ikeja G.R.A), Bottles Mexican Restaurant (V.I) and Lounge 38 (Surulere).

5. Kayaking

There’s nothing like sea cruising with friends for the day. You can go kayaking at places like Omu Resort and La Campagne Tropicana, and the likes. Have a fun time kayaking and enjoy the feel of the sea.

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