Going natural seems to have been the new trend for sometime now but women often forget that a lot goes into actually maintaining natural healthy hair. It is amazing to see us embracing our natural Afro-kinky hair a lot more now. In the past, there has been insecurities with women of color not wanting to have their natural hair texture due to ‘Society’s Standards’  which causes them to relax it to get straight hair.

If going natural is a journey you want to embark on, there are a few things you need to know that people would not let you know:

  • Different Hair Textures and Hair Regimens: Contrary to people saying you need to do certain specific things to grow your hair, that is not true. No head of curls is the same, so you need to pay attention to what your hair needs and type of hair texture you have. There is nothing wrong with trying out people’s methods but if it doesn’t work, make one that works for you.

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  • Length Isn’t  Everything: You see the glitz and glam of natural hair lengths forgetting they took time to grow their hair. Going natural is about having healthy happy hair not just long hair

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  • Track your progress and Make time: People don’t tell you when you go natural, you need to check on how your hair is doing all the time. it is a lot of work and time needed to keep your hair healthy.
  • It is Okay to Make Mistake: Getting healthy Natural hair is a journey. you don’t get in the first try. There are no experts to knowing exactly what to do with your hair. keeping trying new things and note down what works for you.

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  • Budget: You could be smart and find home made recipes that work perfectly for your hair or go out and splurge unnecessarily. Set a number and don’t go past it. There are so many good home made regimens for natural hair. Do your research to find what works for you.

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Remember, it is a learning curve. take your time and do your research !!

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