If you work a day job, you’re probably familiar with the morning commute- the all holy pilgrimage that keeps the city going. Everyone from bankers to teachers start off the day (usually in traffic) rushing to get to work. The commute can last anywhere from 10 minutes to hours depending on where your place of work is. That time can be spent on really productive things if planned properly.

Here are a few things you can do to make your morning commute more productive:
1. Listen: this is the easiest thing you can do regardless of whether you are driving or the one being driven. Radio shows thrive on the audience that tunes in during the traffic, but you can use that listening time to better yourself. Listen to an audiobook, a motivational CD or even just some music to start your day. Some people keep calming CDs in their cars for morning use. This is a habit that I’d very beneficial and should be picked up.



2. Write: usually this would only apply to those being driven,  but with speech-to-text apps, everyone can do it. You can do everything from taking down notes for work taking keeping a journal or making grocery lists. Anything that needs to be written down should be.


3. Meditate: in the rush of our busy lives,  it is often hard to find time to slow down and reflect. The time spent getting to work can be used for this purpose.  Spend a few minutes in your own space and reflect. It could be on your life a whole, your place in the world and even on the day ahead. Some people choose bible verses and other religious text to meditate on early in the morning. Soothing background music can also help.


4. Read: if you aren’t the one driving, you can use your commute time to catch up on your reads. That awesome novel you’ve been meaning to start? That article you bookmarked but haven’t read? That news story that just came out? Read it all!



5. Sleep: let’s face it, many people in the workforce are severely sleep-deprived. The list of long-term negative effects of sleep deprivation is ridiculously long. As long as you’re not the one driving, take advantage of your commute time to get some shut-eye. However, you should keep in mind not to miss your stop!

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