It was an evening of learning, networking, and dining at the second edition of Intentional Living with Betty. The event was hosted by Mrs. Mary Ojulari at the Capital Club in Victoria Island Lagos. As was expected, we had several women across different industries in attendance and a few men who came to support and learn.

By Oma Ehiri

The highlight of this edition was the presentation by the guest speaker, Ms. Nkemdilim Uwaje, who took us through a series of exercises to help awaken our intentionality and find clarity. Following on from this, was a panel anchored by Ms. Stephanie Busari with Mrs. Mary Ojulari and Ms. Kadaria Ahmed sharing their perspective on being intentional. There were tons of gens and pearls of wisdom shared and we’re excited to share some of them below:

Be intentional about acquiring skills and knowledge:

To remain relevant and excel in life, one must be intentional about acquiring skills and knowledge. It is that which you know that will make you a solution provider. That is what will attract people to you. There are people who companies reach out to via LinkedIn based on their track record. They do not go in for interviews of any sort. They simply reach out to them, make them an offer and the rest is history. It is all about positioning, the skills you have and the wealth of knowledge which they believe they can tap into.

Find your passion

It was Ms. Kadaria who said, find your passion. When you have found your passion, excel at it and in no time, you will be making money from it. Growing up, she always wanted to be a journalist; a desire she shared with her dad who did not object to it. He gave her his support as she went on to get a Masters in Art in Twevision right after her Bachelor’s degree. Today, she is a successful, well regarded  journalist.

Always encourage your children

As a new mum, this was very important to me as I listened to Mrs. Mary Ojulari share the influence of her father in becoming who she is today. The words of encouragement that he gave to her and how he boosted her confidence. Though she has fought through impostor syndrome most of her life, she has never been afraid to go for whatever it is that she wants. As parents, it is imperative that we motivate and encourage our children to become the best version of themselves today and for the future.

Build a solid tribe:

Ms. Nkemdilim shared with us the importance of having a solid tribe that consists of different types of people to give you a well-balanced life. What struck me the most is the part of accountability. Having people who can hold you accountable for the things that you say you will do. In her own case, she calls them the board of directors of her life, and they do exactly what a company’s board does- ensure that she achieves everything that she sets out to achieve. As we walk into a new year, it is time to build a tribe of people who can hold you accountable. Start by writing down the goal you have set for yourself, share it with them and ask for their opinion. Then, have them hold you accountable as you strive to achieve what you have set out to do.

Become who you wish to attract:

Ms. Kadaria was speaking of how important it is to have people that you can share your problems with; people who will simply listen and not judge you. But she said something that struck me even more: When you don’t have such people yet, become that person. Her theory is, when you become that person, you gradually attract those kinds of people in your life as well. That struck a chord that can be applied to other areas of your life. If you ever feel like you are giving so much and getting nothing back, do not be discouraged. In due time, you will attract like-minded people.

Protect your mind:

The mind is such a power-house and allowing negative thoughts to thrive in there is how you self sabotage things that could have worked in your favour. Be mindful of your thoughts and what you let in. Always let positive thoughts radiate through your mind.

Say yes to life:

Ms. Kadaria has a different idea of what being intentional is about. In her opinion, it is not being afraid to say yes to life. When opportunities come your way, be willing to dive in. As she recounted, it does not mean that you won’t feel fear but do it afraid. The worst that could happen is that you fail at it and when you do, pick up the lessons in it but let it not deter you from saying yes to new things. For her, it is that attitude that got her a major role as an actress with a tv series set to be released soon. Now, she can include the title actress to her portfolio.

After the panel, the women moved to an outdoor garden setting where there was more networking and dining. It was an evening that will linger in the minds of the attendees for a long time. In the words of Mrs. Mary Ojulari, “This event gave me a lot of clarity and I am now unstoppable….. Women thrive when empowered to lead”.

Here are a few faces at the event;

banke meshida

We look forward to the next series!


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