Whatever time we wake up, there no time to waste. We catch ourselves rushing to get ready for the day but somehow never have enough time. We find ourselves leaving the house not feeling very prepared. Sounds all to familiar ?

But do not fear , we are giving you ten tips to get ready in under 10 minutes and feeling ready for the day.

  • Double book your shower: Why not wash your face and brushing your teeth while showering to cut down on bathroom time , leaving you with more precious minutes to get dressed.

  • Minimal makeup: You want to have a quick and easy makeup routine. Foundation, concealer, mascara and lip gloss and you should be good to go

  • Have your outfit out the day before: This tip seems like a no brainer , but you’d be surprised how people just can’t be bothered. Figuring out your outfit when you’re just getting up and confused can be stressful. Planning the day before is actually a huge time saver.

  • Have your bag packed the day before: This makes things so much better. You’re most likely to forget something important when you’re getting things done last minute. So why put yourself through the stress?

  • Pack a handy snack: We can get hungry once we wake up. It is always a good idea to prepare a packed meal the day before. Grab it and go!

  • Set a timer: Put an alarm on your phone to warn you to leave and prevent doddling. Or pick your favourite morning songs timed to a ten min play list. When the music ends, its your key to bounce.

  • Style you hair the night before: People! This is a must. Style your hair the night before. Like you could get bantu knots done the night before and take them out the next morning. All you need to do is fluff it a little bit and you are ready to go

Now go out and start your day looking fabulous ….

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