As an adult with a social life, a considerable chunk of your time is probably spent trying to organise a group meetup that can accommodate everyone’s tight schedules, pockets and other obligations. Now, imagine trying to organise a group holiday with some of your favourite people with wildly diverse lives and commitments? Here are just some of the types of people you’ll come across in your vacation whatsapp group!

The glue that holds the trip together! This person is perhaps the best to travel with as they are more than happy to organise! They may seem overzealous, maybe unbearable, but they are probably more responsible than anyone else on the trip. Be patient with them; without them the whole trip might not even happen!


They’re super excited to go on a group trip, absolutely! But was that really the best deal you could get? It’s often difficult and even awkward trying to plan a big group trip when you and your friends all belong to very different pay brackets. As much as possible, accommodate those with fewer zeros in their bank account. That five-star resort can certainly be brought down to at least 3-anda-half!

This friend? You love them but oh how they get under your skin when it’s time to make plans. They usually clash with The Planner on numerous occasions because of their lackadaisical attitude towards commitment. It’s best to include them in updates about the trip but ensure that there is a contingency plan in place for the likelihood of any last-minute dropouts.


This is the friend who wants to pack every single activity into your five-day getaway. They don’t mind waking up at 6 AM to get on a coach to a neighbouring town where they can parasail or scuba dive or enjoy a reef safari. This friend is great for group momentum. You may hate the early wake-up times but the experiences prove to be unforgettable.


From the ride to the airport and every moment through to the ride back home, this friend captures and is eager to document it all. They may also task you with taking multiple shots of them to get the perfect travel candid for Instagram! Though exhausting at times, you’ll thank them later when you’re biggest problem is trying to pick one of many great images for the ‘gram!


This is not a trip for adventure, this is a much-needed getaway from all the stress of their city life. Do not interrupt their leisure with big activities and late nights!


You can count on this person to find the pulse in any village, town or city you visit! Point them in the direction of the nearest watering hole-slash-discotheque and watch them come to life. In fact, don’t watch them, join in!


This one has been here before. Or they know the language (at least enough to find what you’re looking for). They read about the best restaurants, bars, beaches and museums in Conde Nast Traveller and have more than enough information to dispense. Make fun of their ITK all you want, this person leads the group to some of the best places on holiday! Of course, you can never fit every type of person into one list, but it was fun to try!

Image Credit : Kiitan A and Kehinde Smith

This article was first published in Genevieve Magazine July/August Issue. Click HERE to download a copy.

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