Heels are one of the ultimate symbols of beauty and glamour. Our obsession with the high-flying accessory has lasted quite a while and shows no sign of stopping. Some women practically live in heels.Others struggle with them all the time. Here are 8 signs you can’t walk in heels.


  1. In your deepest fantasies, you’re the ultimate glamour goddess:


2. Until Heels show up and smack you back to reality:


3. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get it right:


4. Seeing others walk effortlessly in heels feels like a personal assault:


5. You can’t understand how they do it:


6. The thought of spending hours in heels puts you in physical pain:


7. The sight of you walking in heels is….not pleasant:


8. You’ve given up on heels and focus all you attention on flats (which aren’t out to ruin your life):

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