Even as a woman who has never been pregnant, I have heard so much over exaggerated  things about pregnancy sex or just pregnancy as a whole. I’ve heard of guys who are so scared of having sex with their pregnant spouse because they think their penis is going to “poke the baby on the head”. Come guys, we all did biology. That’s not how things work.

Here are 10 of the most ridiculous pregnancy myths we’ve come across:

1. “Don’t Squat when your are more than 7 months along”: This is ridiculous. People believe squatting will push the baby out earlier than the due date. This is not right. It’s so sad because it makes those that believe it think they can’t get some workout regimens done.

2. “Having sex can hurt the baby and even if you want to, don’t try experimenting position”: Ok, let’s kill this once and for all. Having sex can NOT hurt the baby, regardless of whether you are 8 weeks or 40 weeks along. People, it’s biology. Your cervix is closed and baby is safe and comfortable in there. Of course, there are special cases that the women are advised not to engage in sexual intercourse for medical reason. But if you are having a healthy normal pregnancy, enjoy! As for the positions, let your body guide you. Figure out what feels comfortable and what doesn’t and work with that.

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3. “The baby can see your partner’s penis and will know when having sex”: LIES! Babies are surrounded by a bag of water in the womb and it’s dark as well.  It is impossible for them to see anything and they certainly won’t remember a thing.

4. “You’ll lose your sex drive or your sex drive will overly increase”: This goes both ways. For many women their sex drive increases during pregnancy and have their most enjoyable orgasms, and this is very normal and common. On the other hand, other women see their sex drive going down. It seems confusing but there  are really no rules to how your sex drive goes. Everyone is different.

5. “Drinking cold water is bad for a pregnant lady”: This one is really just unrealistic. People believe drinking cold water has a pregnant woman will cause the baby to be sick i.e limonia. Like we know, the baby is protected in the womb. As long as there’s nothing acidic in the water, you’re okay.

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6. “You’ll Have To Suffer Through Pain And Sickness”: This is False! Many OTC meds are safe during pregnancy, but somehow women believe they need to put up with migraines and be a slave to the runs. Not so. You should consult your ob-gyn before you take anything.

7. “You can’t eat Sea Food pregnant”: False! Yes, there is a greater risk of ingesting bad kinds of bacteria from raw foods but chances are that if the sushi bar you love so much has not made you sick pre-pregnancy, you are most likely not at risk when you’re pregnant.

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8. “You’re Eating For Two”: Pregnancy is not a time to pig out. You certainly have a bit more leeway when it comes to a second helping of dinner, but on average women need only about 300 extra calories a day.

We all have something unrealistic we’ve heard about pregnant women. Tell us, what’s the weirdest pregnancy myth you’ve heard?

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