Like garri and groundnut, jollof rice and dodo, isi ewu and palm wine, yoruba boys and demonic tendencies…the list of perfectly complementary duo’s goes on and on…black on white is unarguably a match made in colour heaven. According to Wikipedia, black is the complete absorption of colour, while white is an achromatic colour a.k.a a colour without hue (this is interchangeable in the case of additive colour theory). When these two colours creatively combine, they send a strong message to the receiver as they denote and convey different messages and are the prime pigment props for a number of school of thoughts. Black, a heavy colour conveys a message of power and authority, professionalism, intelligence, mystery as black is visually heavy (the combination of all colours). On the other hand is the pigment polar opposite to black, the yin to the yang; to this end, white is considered a safe and open colour, transmitting messages of safety, peace, purity and innocence. When these two pigments are incorporated in a space, their opposing forces merge into a complementary duality.

In the ancient art of Feng Shui, Black and white colours can be overlapped in interior decor to bring balance, not only on a visual scale, but on an energetic scale. Black, according to feng shui is an inward focusing colour which allows for introspection and absorption of negative energy (this is why monks, nuns and even witches wear black), while white, with its pure visual connotation, bounces light of walls but can be too sterile if used alone(akin to an asylum), and so these two colours interlaced creates a perfect definition of balance, courage and audacious humility, strength and softness, a meek intelligence, a subtle yet dominant personality, a perfect paradox.

Surely, we all know how wearing monochrome outfits and walking into any room gains us the head turning effect, well, walking into a room with monochrome infusions and minimalistic effects gains just the exact reaction. They say less is more, and in this case monochrome yells a thousand words and is the perfect embellishment creating an urbane feel to any home, engraving the visual illusion of a ventilated breathable space(regardless of the actual size) and a completely irresistible other-worldly aura. Though this might not be too suitable for homes with children (unless you’re going for tiny hands and feet graffiti on the walls), this decor is perfect for those people with a contemporary envisage on not just interior decor but life itself. Infusing minimalistic decor such as wood, a fireplace or bursts of colour such as neutrals to yellows and pops of fire (red, orange, purple, pink, neon) as well as art (because art is a way of life), you can create a balanced home to interior decor parfait!

So if you stumbled on this article looking for some interior decor inspiration or just to simply be fed by visual dreams of interior decor spectacularism (I made that up, don’t judge me), you have come to the right place. Join me as I decor drool!


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