“Beverly Naya is one actress with as much soul and brains as she has beauty”. Showing us that shining on the big screen is not enough, she sat down with RACHEAL
ABIRIBA to chat about colourism in Nollywood, her beauty routine, and her other ventures outside of the movie industry

Read excerpts from the interview below.

With the current trend of people toning up, have you been under the pressure to tone your skin?

I’ve never felt the need to bleach or tone my skin, or alter my complexion to please anyone and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. I do genuinely believe that we should love the skin that we are in. For that reason, I started a campaign in 2014 called ‘Fifty Shades of Black’, which highlights those issues. It starts that conversation and allows people to come forward and talk about their struggles, issues, and insecurities. Through that campaign, I have been able to inspire and empower a lot of young females who were feeling insecure for a lot of various reasons. I was finally able to realise my dream to shoot a documentary. It’s a Fifty Shades of Black documentary and it is something I’m extremely proud of. We’re in production right now and the goal of the documentary is not just for people to watch it and feel like it’s an anti-bleaching documentary. It’s not enough to tell people to love their skin for what it is, it’s more to teach people about self-confidence, loving themselves, valuing themselves, and shedding light on different issues like how people view their complexions, and seeing beauty in all complexions. All black is beautiful. That is the message.

Would you say that being in the public eye has in any way influenced your thoughts on what it means to be beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. The industry helps me see what I deem to be beautiful. It’s a tricky word because I feel like I am in control of what I feel is beautiful.

Considering society’s pressure on women to get married, do you feel the pressure to get married before 30?

Full interview is on the Genevieve Magazine June Issue, click HERE to download.

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