Abuja, Nigeria – On Sunday, 15 December, 2019, Rare Dahlia, the go to perfumery for exquisite luxury fragrances for women and men located in Abuja hosted the unveiling of its new campaign titled “I am Every Woman”.

The “I am Every Woman” campaign is a campaign that celebrates the versatility of women and the men in their lives that support them as they take up space and contribute to the development of society.

The campaign consists of a collection of 10 images that shows a woman transition through the multiples roles of her life. It illustrates how women are multidimensional and wear multiple hats. She is a Business Owner, a Champion, a Follower, a Friend, a Homemaker, a Wife, a Partner, a Leader and a Daughter.

She embodies the versatility her life demands of her effortlessly, which reflects in the type of fragrances she identifies with.
“I am married to my best friend. Because marriage is team work, we both constantly find ways to support and encourage each other. We ensure that our individuality continues to strive within the context of our marriage.

Whether it is going on a date or on a romantic getaway, I love spending quality time with my husband. I like it when he wears oud fragrances.” – Rare Dahlia Woman, I am a Wife.

The Rare Dahlia woman is constantly aware of the phenomenal elements of being a woman, which is why she is confident and unapologetic about the roles she plays in life.

Rare Dahlia prides itself on its commitment to excellence through its provision of high-quality fragrances and exceptional customer service designed to elevate a customer’s in-store experience. The campaign challenges viewers to see the world through its eyes of excellence, elegance, and exquisiteness.

For Rare Dahlia, your fragrance of choice can set your mood or can communicate how you feel at any giving time. Women wear many fragrances. Women know how to wear the right fragrance at the right time by taking a look at their selves from the inside out and become the person they want to be … with the right scent.

Rare Dahlia believes in a world where women contribute to the social and economic development of their societies with men as allies and partners in attaining the higher prosperity of the advancement of the world.

The brand makes provision to cater to the fragrance needs of men and women, which enables them to feel good and confident while playing their respective roles.

Find below the photos from the most talked about fragrance campaign of the season, shot by renowned photographers, Kelechi Amadi Obi (for locations in Abuja) and Remi Adetiba (for locations in New York City).

Title – I Am Every Woman Campaign by Rare Dahlia
Creative Direction: BMGA Enterprise Limited
Producer: Gbemi Abudu
Photographers: Remi Adetiba (for New York) and Kelechi Amadi Obi (for Abuja)
Model: Imade Ogbewi ISIS MODELS AFRICA
Male Model: Mansoor Zeey TARISMODELS
Stylist: Youme
Make Up and Hair: Debola Inc (for New York City) and Bronzy Pro (for Abuja)

Rare Dahlia, the go-to perfumery in Nigeria with an exquisite collection of luxury fragrances for women and men. From exceptional customer experience to the provision of high-quality products, Rare Dahlia is known for its commitment to excellence.

Located at:
The Wells Carlton Hotel & Apartments,
8 Gado Nasko Close, Off Jose Marti Street, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria.


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