Dear 25 year old Bukky,

I write you this letter as your 35-year-old self and boy! do I have a few things to tell you. First I want to commend you for being 25, having opened up your own PR agency, being a mom to a 2 year old, your 5 year old marriage and maintaining a career & the home front. Kudos!We never give ourselves enough props and you are also too hard on yourself so please accept this compliment.

There are so many things I want to tell you. Just looking at you, I have tears in my eyes because you are so young and so vibrant but you are growing up way too fast, assuming so man responsibilities and trying to achieve everything all at once in a short amount of time.
The first thing I want to tell you is “SLOW DOWN BUKKY”. You are always in a rush to go somewhere and do everything all at once and its okay to take your time. I want you to take your time and take each day one day at a time.
There is no RUSH to do anything. NONE. Pray often for God to calm your restless heart. It’s okay to fail sometimes. It’s okay if things don’t work out sometimes. Pray and move on and know that God is in control.
He’s got you baby girl!!! Stop worrying and stop beating yourself up. There are many good things to come and they wont come easy. There will be times you will fall Bukky, don’t forget to get back up and keep going.

I also want to tell you that you are beautiful. I know you don’t believe it, but you are! God has blessed you immensely, you are black, you are beautiful, don’t be so judgmental on your outward appearance. You look great! Seriously. But be good to your body o! eat right and exercise regularly. Thank me later when you are older.

Life is short Bukky …please smile more. Laugh a little, rest a little; Rome wasn’t built in a day!
Your happiness is so important. Do everything that makes you happy because at my age now, I have seen a few people die and it’s always a constant reminder that tomorrow isn’t promised.
At the same time Bukky I want you to know that it is okay to cry, it is okay to ask for help, it is okay. You don’t have to be so strong all the time. I know how frustrating it is for you because everyone expects you to be strong, everyone expects you to handle things gracefully and everyone expects you to be an example. The pressure!!!!!!!! I know I know! But listen, I am telling you that its okay to crumble sometimes.

Finally, Bukky … accept all the things you cannot change and move on. Change what you can, and accept what you cant change and leave it to God. Everything you are going through, every experience you have ever had, is preparing you for a very strong position. It will all be clear soon.I am however very proud of you Bukky. You’ve come a long way. I love you so much Bukky.

Well done!


Bukky Karibi-Whyte

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