We are throwing it back to our exclusive interview with Adekunle Gold.

We got to catch Simi have a one on one with him and here’s how that went.


Since you had your big break, have you made any life-changing decisions that you wish you could take back?
Not really. I try to live without regret and take every experience as a lesson.

Of all the speculations that have been made about you, which would you say is the most ridiculous?
I heard that I am arrogant. That makes me laugh. I am actually a shy guy. I am the guy who walks in the room and finds a corner and if you don’t speak to me, you’ll get a nod of acknowledgement. I don’t know how to do small talk. I can see how that translates to arrogance.

What drives you?
Ignorance. I grew up in Ikotun, you know. I didn’t see much growing up but I always felt that there was more out there that I didn’t know. I was right. I do not want to be unexposed, unrefined, I want to sit at the table and have context to conversations. I want to see it all and know it all; experience it all and have it all. My music is a conduit for my desires.

What is your least favourite thing about the Nigerian music industry?
Two things actually. That we see each other as competition. I believe we are all in the olympics playing different sports for the same country, there should be a greater sense of sportsmanship between us. Secondly, we are all underpaid and undervalued, and sometimes for the sake of being busy we accept offers that are way beneath our expertise or value.

Obviously, someone of your status has had his fair share of fan love, particularly from the ladies. How do you deal with all that love, especially when it’s excessive?
I love the ladies! (Laughs). But honestly, I remind myself that they “think” they love me. If they truly knew me and all my challenges, my shortcomings and my insecurities, would they still love me? What grounds me is the love of those who know me. My manager is a great filter for that attention (as well).

I’ve known you for a long time and you’re one of the most optimistic people I’ve met. However, from experience, I know that people get out of hand with the negativity. How do you handle that?
I’ve got thicker skin, but I am [still] very sensitive. I am not numb to negativity. My reaction is not immediate, it comes in waves. I wallow a bit. I’ve got a very good group of people around me. They pick me up when I’m down. And sometimes my encouragement is from within, God just reminds me of his love and how he’s looking out for me and I feel better.

What’s your creative process?
It’s sporadic; manic; not routine- just simply crazy. The only thing that is consistent is that I write my music mostly on planes. Beyond that, just hang on for the ride.

You’re famous so I suppose you have to be mindful of everything you do. But if you could do anything – that you wouldn’t normally do – and get away with it, what would it be?
I’ve resigned myself to believe I can still do anything I want to do. It’s just [a matter of] where. I love to travel and sometimes I enjoy the anonymity that comes with being in a place I’m not known and the normalcy that comes from just being myself.

Can you cook? Does your woman like it when you cook for her? Do you have a woman? Answer the questions from back to front please?
Wow! (Laughs)! I have a woman. I love doing everything for her. She’s easy, drama-free and she likes everything I do for her. You would think it makes it easy but that puts pressure on me to wow her. Regarding cooking, I dabble.

What are you most proud of achieving in your life?
Every time I sell out a show, it’s a feeling I can’t explain; that I sit in a studio and pour my energy into music and people resonate with it. That makes me feel something inexplicable. Beyond proud.

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