Who would would have thought that this beautiful black continent with rich human and natural resources will be a hub for entertainment, threatening the world with its frightening population (market)  and bringing to their knees, the uninformed lots who think nothing good can come from here.
Many centuries before now, our continent was referred to as a jungle filled with hostile apes, but looking at a few centuries after, we have the rest of the world peeking at our achievements in the entertainment industry. Sheer voyeurism!!

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

Having thought of what we lost to our erstwhile colonial masters, coupled with the inhumane treatment and dehumanizing comments lashed out on our forebearers, we naturally turned off our sense of learning, achieving, becoming and creating. We lost our self esteem; and eventhough we were alive in appearance, we were dead in the metaphysical. How rash!

Today we look back at those moments, and rather than complain or condemn, we scoff at the psychological boost those experiences have propelled us to achieve. Africa is staking a claim in the entertainment industry in the world, from music, movies, Sports, arts and so much more. Having learnt the hard way, we are always hyper ready to dig it out with our competitors and tell them that “what they can do, we can do better differently”.

Black panther movie

Look at how many awards our African singers sweep at the International level, our movies are breaking and creating new records, our sportsmen have made the marathon their personal gift as they sweep the gold medal in every international event, our artistry have been eye opening as we have mastered our art and we’re taking it to the world. All of a sudden, the world has stopped and is talking about that underfed baby (Africa) who is  growing into a matured and independent adult who is not scared to take on the world.

Davido receives BET Award

Before now, our colour has been insignificant and our knowledge tepid. But we have risen strongly from the dunghill of anomaly into the great clouds of enviable success that limelight can’t withstand. We have redefined entertainment and we’re on course to taking it to an entirely different level.

Ethiopian athlete celebrates marathon win

At long last, we have something priceless we’re giving to the world, “Perfection”.

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