When we’ve reached a certain age, we tend to worry a lot about keeping our skin youthful but we most likely never considered that our hairstyle might be another culprit in aging us. So as we are fresh into the New Year, I would love to share some hairstyle ideas and inspiration that can leave you looking fresh faced while boosting your overall confidence in 2018. With no further ado let’s dive in:

  1. Go For Full-On Fringe: Fringe brings out a youthful look if they are on the fuller side rather than thin and wispy, which can age you, Bangs can be worn by anyone and are an easy way to make a dramatic hair change. Not to forget that a side swept fringe also slims your face. Image result for kerry washington fringe
  2. Consider Length and Layers: Who says that women of a certain age can’t wear full and bouncy long hair?  It’s a common misconception that the older you get, the shorter your hair should be, Thick hair looks the most youthful at shoulder length or longer. To avoid weighing your hair down and achieving a younger look, I’ll recommend adding in subtle layers to give hair movement and volume. Our hair manufacturers already know this that’s why most hairs come with different lengths. Image result for beyonce layered hair
  3. Add color: This one is my favorite, I love highlights and color.One of the quickest ways to create a more youthful look is to get warm-toned highlights. Colors like caramel, copper blonde and if you’re on the lighter side, try a honey. Not only softens the face, but it also creates dimension and avoids a one-toned look, which can age you. For a low-maintenance approach to this, try dip-dyed tips or subtle highlights.  Image result for rihanna hair highlights
  4. Go for high ponytail: This style brings focus to what is called the triangle of youth. When we are young, our faces look like an upside-down triangle—with the widest part, stretching across the eyes and the point at the chin, a high ponytail recreates that triangle by drawing the eyes up and giving facial skin a gentle upward lift. No wonder Jennifer Lopez is always spotting one. Image result for ciara high ponytail
  5. A low ponytail: A low ponytail also has the ability to draw upward and create a natural lift around the eyes and forehead. This pulled back look creates a subtle pull on the skin that lifts the cheeks and boosts the brow. Related image
  6. Try a top knot: This is another Jennifer Lopez favorite, Pulling up your hair like this literally lifts your face, and it also draws attention and flatters cheeks and eyes. Related image

And there you have it a natural way to defy aging without injections and surgery.

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year, Xo

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