Activist Aisha Yesufu and her husband Aliu are celebrating 20 years of their marriage to each other.

Yesufu has shared a video and several photos of herself and her husband in celebration of the milestone.

Sharing the news on her Twitter, the activist wrote:

Sharing more photos of her family, Aisha Yesufu wrote:

With the love of my life I feel so loved and protected. With him I am safe to be who I am without judgement. Nothing beats a man who gives you safe space to excel.

When we had nothing we had laughter and it has kept us together. We laugh at ourselves and at each other. We laugh together and at others. We can laugh just over nothing and we are always yabbing each other.

We never allowed society to define our relationship for us. We did it our own way. We owned it and we are loving it. Y’all can say what you want to say we are having the ball.

Our 20 year marriage has been blessed with two amazing children I am honoured God chose me to be their mother.

One thing I always said to my husband is I would always be babe. I am not interested in doing Madam wife! I am his babe through and through. In short he says I behave more like girlfriend than wife. I am the side chick with legality.

I had a friend who used to say to me there was a sort of invisible shield that myself and my husband had that said to people: you are an intruder in this union. I used to laugh it off but truly we are close!

I was told i won’t last in husband’s house bc I had a big mouth & hated housework. When he proposed I told him I hated housework & was always sick. The big mouth he knew of. The first day, he said maybe he would come visiting & I told him I don’t do maybes.

See the photos below:

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