Besides his good looks, what makes Toke Ibru our GMan?

Toke Alex Ibru is the Executive Director of The Guardian.  A History Graduate from Exeter University, UK.

He has overseen the transition of The Guardian from a traditional newspaper to an all encompassing integrated multimedia group.

Doing business across all sectors in Nigeria, Toke sits on the boards of  The Guardian, Ikeja Hotels , Capital Hotels, Charles Hampton, Nigerian-Belgian Chamber of Commerce and Warif.

Toke Ibru’s influence is best felt through his work as the Executive Director of The Guardian,  one of the country’s oldest and most respected media brands. He restructured the newspaper brand to connect with the tech and social media citizens.

Under his leadership, The Guardian is helping shape the conversations on privilege and discrimination, social justice and environmental sustainability. It reports the news and challenges the recurring themes in the ‘news’ and proffers solutions.

Toke has shown us that the privileged can raise platforms that denounce and challenge oppression.

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