If you are looking for an eye opening taste of the exotic with snake charmers, conjurers, souks piled high with hordes of treasures and endless glasses of mint tea, the desert paradise of Morocco is your best bet.

It’s an adventure into some of North Africa’s stunning scenery, the timeless yet tranquil world of coastal local destinations, colorful-painted towns that cling to hillsides and sights that numb and open the mind all at once. Here you’ll find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts – and warm hospitality all within reach.

Blessed with the breathtaking combination of a landscape of its rich desert area and the calm of its beaches & oceans, “the Red city” connects Africa to Europe which allows you to explore every inch of its intense, chaotic, colorful and fragrant country. There are also lots of artistic, architectural, linguistic and culinary treasures on display. It’s no wonder why Morocco is world famous and continues to enchant all who visit.

Enjoying Morocco starts with its national past time – watching the locals as they go on their daily lives in a street café while drinking mint tea gives you the opportunity to plan your trip to the souks or plan a scenic train trip. Go now for un-crowded access to architectural wonders like the seaside Hassan II Mosque, with its magnificent marble interiors and the world’s tallest minaret. You can also relax in a traditional hammam (steam bath) or learn to cook traditional food and natives In the evenings, Morocco is alive with a beat. Live music is everywhere. The experience of sitting around a campfire, and hanging out listening to music under the stars is unmatched. Planning your vacation to coincide with World Sacred Music festival -Festival de Fes is a great way to experience the rich heritage and
culture in this North African country. Foodies in search of new tastes to delight their taste buds will not be disappointed. A quick stop for a delicious snail soup makes for the perfect first meal in Morocco.

A taste of the country famous Tagine serves as an ideal second choice meal. Moroccan cuisine is influenced by its interactions & exchanges with other cultures. The main Moroccan dish most people are familiar with is couscous, the old national delicacy. Beef is the most commonly eaten red meat in Morocco, usually eaten in a Tagine with a wide selection of vegetables. Chicken is also very commonly used in Tagines, or roasted. You can be sure to find appetizing new dishes at every corner.

Moroccans are extremely hospitable and very tolerant. Though most people are religious, they are generally easy-going, and most young Moroccan women don’t wear a veil, though they may well wear a headscarf. The country is ideally suited any kind of vacation. With enough time in your hands, you can cover a whole range of activities, from hiking in the Atlas and relaxing at laidback Atlantic resorts like Asilah or Essaouira to getting lost in the back alleys of Fez and Marrakesh. With beaches lining both the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, there is no shortage of seaside relaxation. The Mediterranean coast has rockier beaches; the sea is also rougher and many people choose not to swim from here, but the views are beautiful. Families with children may want to consider visiting the beaches along Agadir or Casablanca for some quality time that is sure to create lasting memories.

With so many beautiful places to stay in Morrocco, a question travelers often have is“where should I stay in Morocco?” Our top recommendations include the spanish built Logis La Marine in Sidi Ifni or any of the Riads to help you unwind after your eventful day.

Nigerians travelling to morocco require a valid visa.

Royal Air Maroc offers direct flights while Lufthansa, Turkish Airways, Kenya airways, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar airways and Egypt Air offer connecting flights to this exotic destination. Rest assured a four and a half hour flight is all it takes to begin your next adventure.


Majorelle Garden- Jardin Majorelle
Majorelle garden is one of the most visited sites in Agadir. This enchanting garden is filled exotic plants of dreamy origin, burbling streams and pools filled with water lilies and lotus flowers and the chirping of numerous birds that come here to take refuge.

Fez combines the old and the new with overwhelming and awe-inspiring charm. This behemoth UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most well-preserved old cities in the Arab-Muslim world. It’s also car-free with treats and treasures down every little side alley.

Ouzoud Falls
Experience one of the most spectacular sights in Morocco. Located in a lush valley, within friendly Berber village are three beautiful tiered waterfalls with a series of spectacular wide to narrow plunges that drop 110m into the river below.

Djemaa el-Fnaa
Djemaa el Fna is the hub of life in Marrakech. As night falls, the vast arena comes becomes a thronging, open-air stage
filled with acrobats, storytellers, snakecharmers and musicians, all perfumed with the smoke from a hundred food stalls.

Atlas Mountains
If you are not afraid of heights, explore the spectacular Atlas Mountains and challenge yourself with a trek to the summit of its highest peak & you’ll be rewarded by breathtaking views.

Merja Zerga National Park
Famous among for being spectacular place for bird watching, many tourists come here to see the array of birdlife. Ask a local guide to take you out on the Blue Lagoon.

Quick Facts

• Capital: Rabat
• Population: 33.3 million (2015)
• Languages: Arabic, Berber
• Area: 710,850 km2
• Currency: Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
(1MAD = N39.15)
• Time Zone: GMT (UTC⁠), GMT+1
(DST suspended during Ramadan)
• Dialing Code: +212
• Largest City: Casablanca
• Visa Information: Visa required
(Visa advisory /Service is available)

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