A Few days ago, we published an infused water recipe by Diary of a Kitchen Lover. The reactions were quite interesting with a few people questioning the essence of infused water when they can just consume the fruits.

By Oma Ehiri

infused water

Infused water or detox water as some call it, is the immersion of fruits, herbs or vegetables to your water. Getting your daily vitamins from eating your fruits is key and this should not take away from it. However, it is a great way of ensuring that you get in your daily water intake especially if you are one who struggles with drinking water in its plain state. It also helps to sweeten the water in the most natural way with little calorie content.

According to Danielle Hairston-Green, Ph.D, a Program Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences at Prairie View A&M University, “there are many health benefits including appetite control, hydration, immune defense, heartburn prevention, blood sugar regulation and weight management”.

Benefits of Infused Water

Each recipe influences the taste of the water and also determines its benefit to your body. For instance, Danielle says, “My absolute favourite infused water includes green tea, mint and lime. This combination has helped to soothe my headaches and is an excellent breath freshener. It also benefits the digestive system, protects the immune system, and supports fat burning. In addition, lemon-infused water has been known to provide great beauty benefits, supporting healthy skin texture and appearance as well as regulating our pH level, supporting good kidney health, providing a good dose of Vitamin C and supporting the fight against cancer”.

lemon infused water

How you choose to make yours is entirely dependent on you. For some, it could be just lemons or a combination of 2 fruits and a herb while others go all fancy with a lot of fruits, herbs and vegetables. Some of the common fruits and veggies used include; cucumber, lemon, mint and fresh ginger.

In conclusion, drinking lots of water by itself will help you achieve all the benefits of infused water listed above. However, “drinking water infused with fruit or herbs is a smart and tasty way to hydrate and cleanse without getting overloaded with sugar and calories”, says Danielle. If you are struggling with any of these, try this. Every time you get a craving for an unhealthy drink, drink this!

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