Are you on the right path?

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Did you just feel your stomach sink repeating that question to yourself? – cause i know mine did.

Right now, you are probably asking yourself – Am i sure i’m on the right path – doing what is destined for me? 

Knowing what is right for you can be both difficult and easy. We are all humans. We feel when something is right or wrong in our core, some of us just choose to ignore it. Sometimes, there are other factors that play into confusing us as well – trust me I’ve been there.

As a child, i grew up wanting to be a doctor. I’d watch TV shows and see how respected doctors are and how successful and wealthy they are. I conned myself into believing that was my true passion. I went into secondary school with the mind set of wanting to study medicine not knowing what exactly it entailed, i just ‘knew’ i had a passion for it. I studied purely sciences, refusing to do literature and other subjects. In my final year in secondary school, everything changed. I had read the story of Steve Jobs and before i knew it, i wanted to be a computer engineer. I ‘knew’ i had found my true passion and nothing could change that.

Entering one of the most important stages in my life, i started university as a computer engineering student feeling like the world was my oyster – don’t get me wrong, it was. I worked so hard trying to be the best of the best. Through out my uni years, i had moments where in my genuine soul that everything involving beauty and business had me so exctied but i shut those moments down thinking “No, stop it. Your true passion is Engineering. it’d make you a ton of money. How can it not be the right path for you”. In my final year at uni, i got the opportunity to work with a huge beauty brand and let’s just say for the first time, I knew what i was truly meant to do. I got offered a job as a software developer but refused it to pursue what i wanted to do. Everyone – including my parents, thought i had lost my mind but it didn’t stop me.

I am still on my journey and all i’d say is I do not regret it.

I truly believe we are all on this earth to unleash the power of our soul. To live a life that is our highest authentic expression. To walk a path that is ours, not someone else’s. The only way you can get lost is when you walk a path that isn’t yours.

Over the years I have questioned a hundred times what my path is because everything I was told I should or I thought I was meant to do didn’t feel right to me.

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When we are kids, Society conditions us to follow an itinerary. Go to school, get an education, get a great job, make enough money to take care of yourselves and family, retire, then die. Why do we have to live by those rules? Why can’t we live life and do what we love? We aren’t machines.

People often confuse what they are destined to do with what they think they should. With so many influences from social media and what we see as the real standard of living, we stop listening to our inner selves and get lost.

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What you forget is that your body, mind and soul will tell you when something feels right. There’s no logical explanation, you just feel it. STOP IGNORING IT.

If what you’re doing right now does not excite you, energize you or give you life then you are not on the right path. If it does, follow it. It be the best decision you ever made.

Continue to choose what fills your heart with joy and excitement in everything you do.

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