Everyone remembers those backpacks that were worn to school in primary, secondary and even University. Those bags weren’t always purely for functional purposes. They were straight-up fashion statements that were used to express individuality and style.

Even in the adult world, backpacks are still used, usually for travelling or in work settings that are casual.

And trust the fashion world, they have fully explored the use of backpacks with many styles and concepts. Far from the plain book-carriers many of us carried in our younger years, these backpacks sport everything from stickers to buttons and other embellishments. There are also see-through bags, bags of peculiar material such as denim and so much more.

The key to making this trend work as an adult without looking messy is to carry it to the appropriate places and in a style that is truly your own. If you work in an environment where this is allowed, or just want to explore your style,  carry something that truly represents you. There are backpacks with spikes for the edgy girl, backpacks with stickers for the  more girly and so on.

They are also incredible weekend companions, taking up everything and anything and are generally easier to carry than other back types.

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