So I just have one question. If you buy the couple’s asoebi, should that count as your wedding gift to them?

You see, this thing called ‘adulthood’ tricked some of us big time.

Have you realized we don’t get as much gifts on our birthdays compared to when we were kids? I know some might argue that as adults, we shouldn’t focus on ‘things’ as much. I’m sure some people would also want to add that grown ups don’t need birthday gifts.

Disclaimer – we do!

Well, maybe I should tweak that a little…I do! I’m big on gifts. As a matter of fact, receiving gifts was one of my top love languages for a long time. So gift-giving is quite important to me. Also, on November 28, #GivingTuesday was marked globally- a day set aside every year to encourage people to give more. This is another reason why this topic is very timely.

So let’s talk about wedding gifts.

The Nigerian wedding scene has blossomed over the years introducing various wedding trends that have influenced the African continent as a whole. A typical Nigerian wedding is unique, vibrant, colorful, and most times very memorable not just for the couple getting married, but for the guests too.

Of all the unique trends common to Nigerian weddings, one that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is the ‘asoebi’ trend.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the asoebi trend and you will understand why shortly.

First of all, for those of you who might not know what asoebi is already, I think I’ll just use the recent Nigeria celebrity wedding of the year that stole our hearts and broke the internet as a reference. We won’t forget Mr. & Mrs. Wellington’s wedding (BAAD2017) in a hurry. The pictures of the guys in their asoebi was epic and the ladies sure did turn up looking amazing in their asoebi as well. As much we all waited to see what the bride and groom would wear on their big day, majority of us waited in anticipation for what the BAAD2017 asoebi would look like.

But now let’s go to the part about ‘asoebi’ that causes my mixed feelings. I’ve been to a couple of weddings and I’ve had this discussion with a couple of friends who believe that if they buy the couple’s asoebi, they shouldn’t expect them to buy a gift too.

Here’s the thing. This almost directly means that the asoebi trend is posing a threat to the number or kind of wedding gifts a couple could potentially get on their wedding day.
Do you remember why wedding gifts are important? Most of those gifts are items the newly weds use to start their home.

So, I’ll end with a question. When last did you get the newly wed couple a wedding gift?
Or have you just been coming to the wedding dressed in your asoebi taking some photos that light up Instagram and Snapchat? Let’s even take it a little further.

If you buy the couple’s asoebi, do you feel it is still important to get the couple a wedding gift?

If ‘yes’, let us know your reasons in the comments section and use the hashtag #TheAsoebiIsNotEnough.

On the other hand, if your answer is ‘no’, we would also love to know your reasons below and you can use the hashtag #TheAsoebiIsEnough

This should be fun! December is upon us and that means it’s wedding gifts season.

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