About Olamide Fetuga

My name is Olamide Fetuga and I am #Prettynscarred Some of you may view these images and I have one question to mind ' how did this happen?'. The simple answer is, life happens. I experienced a tragic incident that involved boiling hot water. It exploded onto my skin, and left me with 2nd degree burns. There were intense emotions during my ‘faceless’ period. Like many other young women, being beautiful was on the top of my list of ‘things I want’. But imagine beauty being snatched away from you. Trying to find someone to blame but not being able to point fingers, so I was mad at myself and mad at God. Depression took over and I watched those closest to me cry at the sight of my face. At this point I started to hate myself. I hated everything that made me, me. I pretty much hated God for this too; what sort of Father would ever allow a daughter to experience pain like this? I felt that makeup was the only thing I could run to, to cover the scars. It was more than just vanity. It was a way to fit back into the beauty framework that exists in our society. Looking back now, I have grown to accept that events that take place in life don’t happen without reason. They are preparation for a purpose that you have been called to. What you think is a downfall can be the doors to your destiny. I can say now, that those burns enabled me to find my passion even at my lowest. The experience shaped me into the woman I am today, I have accepted that in life you will go through trials and tribulations (John 16:33) your stance will determine how far you succeed.