Dressing tables being cluttered and disorganized is a well-documented cliche. Growing up, many women bore witness to several dressing tables that were bursting at the seams from all the things, both relevant and irrelevant, kept on them.


It almost seems like an inevitable fate. After all, a dressing table is where all beauty-related items are kept. It is bound to be cluttered, right? Wrong. A dresser can be organized in a few simple steps:


  • Thrash a few items: Look through the items on your dresser one by one and discard irrelevant ones such as that expired bottle of face cleanser, that body scrub container with barely anything in it and those old bottles and cans that are only taking up space. When you consider each item one by one, you’ll find that a lot of them actually serve no purpose and are only taking up space.


  • Invest in a beauty organizer: Beauty organizers make it possible to organize all your cosmetics and also to see them at  a quick glance. You can get a large one that takes all you items or individual ones for each type of product.


  • Compact store: One of the biggest reasons why dressing tables are cluttered in the first place is that we feel the need to display every item that we own. To avoid this, only display the items you use regularly. Get compact containers and store the rest. Alternatively, you can simply use the drawers of your dressing table.


  • Review: Every few months or so, review the items that you keep on your dressing table. Remove those which are now redundant, reorganize and make sure it is as tidy as possible.


A dressing table doesn’t have to be a mindless clutter of items with no organization. With a few easy steps, you can be well on your way to a beautiful and organized dressing table.

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