Salt, the spring summer collection 2020 was incentivisedby Ayo’s imaginative moments on black shores of volcanic rocks on the Spanish Islands of Lanzarote.

Watching the sun set, and gazing at the beauty of light hitting the salt lakes, Ayo studied the reflecting rays and observed light bouncing off the salt beds. This motivated her choice of the deep, vivid and vibrant colours. 

Powered by the face of Michelle Dede and modelled by Elizabeth Oputa, two successful women who are leading figures in their industries, the collection exudes opulence, the characteristic of an Ayo Van Elmar woman. 

Featuring  an array of starkly contrasting palettes, experimental fusions, diverse cuts and sheer pieces unfold in a synergy of togetherness. Rent-a-Party’s luxurious show space emitted the perfect radiance that spiced up the ambience with a fine touch of elegance.

Watch Behind The Scene Video Here 


Michelle Dede  @Michelledede

Elizabeth Oputa  @elizabethpam

Make-up  Nuyu Studios  @ nuyustudios

Hair  @Zubi Hair 

Photography Glo Ernest Photography @glo_ernest

Videography @36television 

Location Rent-a-Party   @rentapartyng

Creative Direction  Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun @motunrayo.olaogun

Collection  SALT | Spring Summer 2020  @Ayovanelmar

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