Yoga is at an all-time popularity. From Lululemon pants to yoga retreats, everyone is getting their zen on and bending over. With all the benefits of yoga from flexibility to mental health, getting your stretch on will definitely do your body good.


However, one of the biggest mistakes made by yogis is at the beginning. It happens quite often that people jump right into yoga with little guidance and that can have disastrous results including injury. Before you get into yoga, consider a few tips:


  • Guidance: It is easy to simply go online and recreate what you see on YouTube videos, but it is in your best interest to have guidance from a professional. Hire a personal instructor or take a class with a trained yoga expert.


  • Get the Right gear: You could wear any old tights and top you have laying about and do yoga on your bedroom floor, but it will be much easier if you approach yoga with the right gear. Get proper yoga pants and tops as well as a yoga mat.



  • Start slow: Don’t jump into doing full splits on your first try. Attempt easier and simpler yoga poses and ease yourself gradually into the more complex ones. It will save you a lot of stress and possible injury.


  • Speak with your doctor: Before you even set foot on a mat, speak with your physician and make sure that you’re not at risk and that yoga is safe for you.


  • Breathe: Yoga is all about peace and balance and these principles must guide your approach to the art. Don’t stress yourself about it, don’t overwork yourself and make sure that all you do brings more peace and balance in your life.

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