I promise you, this is not a drill!

I had been minding my business like my mum taught me to when I overheard a conversation going on between a man who looked like he had just got off work, rolled sleeves and all, and this very beautiful lady with her healthy head of natural hair. As a natural-haired girl myself, that was what attracted me to look her way before I overheard the man she was with tell her to “have just one glass of wine.” She tried to refuse but he went on, “Come on baby, it’s good for you, health- and beauty-wise.”
Ummm…what did I just hear? Out came my phone from my bag and I went straight to ask Google. After reading about a million posts (yes, I am terrible at exaggerating, but in my defence, I read A Lot of articles on it and asked a few Doctor friends), I found it to be true so I thought to come share with you.
Welcome to Beauty Benefits Of Red Wine 101 class. Okay, it’s not a class. Sort of. For those who are not familiar with red wine, it is a delicious beverage made from grapes that have been picked, crushed and fermented. There are different types of red wine with different alcoholic levels, different calorie counts, and antioxidant content. But in their differences lies their similar benefits and effects.

* Red Wine contains Resveratrol from grape skin that has anti-aging benefits(hello grape face mask!) and several antioxidants that work together for overall body health?
* It also contains sugar so no Darling, it’s not a good idea to finish that entire bottle at once.
* Resveratrol has a calming effect that helps fight stress and depression, and combined with Melatonin in the wine which helps regulate circadian rhythm, it can help improve sleep.

* Remember I said that Resveratrol has anti-aging benefits? Well, it works for both body and brain and it helps the skin stay young, aids skin glow, helps prevent cancerous skin injuries, protects the skin from harmful UV-induced effects, helps fight the bacteria that causes acne, and helps treat sunburns. Some cosmetics companies have started adding Resveratrol to their products.
* Let’s not forget the benefits to the hair. Resveratrol is believed to help reduce inflammation and formation of dead cells on the scalp, thereby hair growth and thickness of the hair.

But, before you go raiding the shelves of every super store within a 5 meter radius of your current location, please note the side effects of Red Wine.
* Thanks to our friend Resveratrol and its ability to inhibit blood coagulation, thinning of blood is a side effect of Red Wine.
* Other side effects are inhibition of muscle healing, headaches, and transfer of alcohol through breastfeeding(lactating mothers please avoid alcohol).
* It can also cause or worsen high blood pressure, asthma, gout, pancreatitis, and insomnia.

As the Doctors who let me worry them while I compiled this piece advised, those likely to suffer from any of the above side effects, for genetic reasons or any other, should completely avoid taking Red Wine or consult their doctors for healthier alternatives. For those who have none of these side effects in their genealogy, moderate intake of Red Wine is advised.
I am not advising you to go eavesdropping on people’s conversations. But if the wind blows something into your ears, research on it, learn, and don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.

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