Have you heard? Jewels are no longer exclusively for arms, ears and necks anymore! Never one to be out of ideas, the beautiful world of fashion has once again found new ways of re-inventing the use of jewels, this time on the face. These sparkly little (or not-so-little) ornaments are now worn on a variety of spots on the face. Popular at music festivals and art fairs, these amazing ornaments when done right can be added to give any look  touch of elegance or drama.

There are many ways o wear the look. For example:

  1. Brow Bedazzle: Little jeweled dots around the arch of the eyebrow draws attention to the eyes and gives an exotic effect.

2. Peep the cheek: The cheekbones are an amazing facial point to draw attention to (the highlight and contour industry couldn’t survive without it). Bejeweling the areas has the same effect and is a fool-proof way to make your smile or pout pop!



3. Foreheads: No longer a staple of only Bollywood, forehead jewels are are a simple and amazing way to express your style.

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